Hawthorn Project

Hawthorn Project


Hawthorn Project


Symetrie Design Group

Project Description

This Stunning Hawthorn Significant heritage dwelling which required additions and restorations for a growing family, although very beautiful in its own right, did require some TLC and much thought.


Significant heritage dwellings generally have additional restrictions during the town planning phase as the rear fabric of the property is also considered to be of heritage significance, not to mention the restrictions of street presence, and impacts on the neighbourhood streetscape thus investigations were in order to confirm the exact fabric and amount of the existing rear of the dwelling which could be removed, for the proposed additions. This was only the beginning, the next challenge was how do we create an organic flow from existing to proposed, whilst retaining the integrity of the building, externally and internally.


The design brief required restorations to the existing dwelling, however the proposed additions were to be contemporary, maximising the north light which was located on the side boundary of the site. Hence the idea of re-orientating the back yard to face the side boundary and maximising the north light into all living spaces, kitchen, meals, living and rear entertainment areas are all north facing, allowing for winter light to penetrate the main common spaces.



28. April 2022.


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